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This club, formed in 1919 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, provides those interested in the hobbies of amateur radio and electronics with facilities to meet and enjoy the company of similar individuals.
Regular meetings are held at the well equipped clubhouse in Rose Bay and training is provided for those new to the field. Visitors to our meetings are always welcome. Please explore this site to find out more about us and ways to make contact.

The club is also active on Facebook and Google+

Recent Posts

  • WICEN NSW News for Sunday, 30th of August, 2015 - The results of the Annual General Meeting, held here at Amateur Radio NSW last Saturday, are: President: Steven Heimann VK2BOS Vice President: John Harper VK2LJ Secretary: Steve Diekman VK2MCA Treasurer: Doug Rosser VK2DCR Committee Members:  Jan Van Ekris VK2FEB, Al Hirschel VK2KAM, Irene van Ekris VK2FIRV, Eric
  • ACMA releases response to the Spectrum Review - From IT Wire: The Government has announced its response to the Spectrum Review undertaken by the Department of Communications, in conjunction with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The Government says it will implement the recommendations of its review
  • Undergrad Radio Amateur Uses Reverse Beacon Network in Research Project - From the ARRL newsletter A Virginia Tech undergraduate researcher and radio amateur has used Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) data to study how solar flares impact HF radio propagation over the entire dayside — the
  • GPSDO Display is in the works - http://www.vk2vjb.net/2015/08/19/gpsdo-display-in-the-works/ As part of the GPSDO project I’ve been working on using a graphical display I picked up from Futurlec several years ago, a 128×64 Blue GLCD (CM12864-2) which uses the KS0108 chipset. As I want to drive this from
  • The Morse Mouse – Educational Fun with Amateur Radio - More fun and games at http://www.m0pzt.com/morse-mouse/ Doug VK2DCR
  • Next WARS Foundation Course is on 12&13 Septmber - Register now for our next Amateur Radio Foundation Licence Course & upgrade licence Assessments.
  • GPSDO Hardware Design/Block Diagram - http://www.vk2vjb.net/2015/08/12/gpsdo-hardware-designblock-diagram/   GPSDO Hardware Design/Block Diagram Now that I have confirmed the Thunderbolt Trimble is working nicely down to 3.5ppt (3.5E-10) and getting more accurate as time goes on its time to put it in a box so its more
  • GPSDO Time reference project progressing -     The Thunderbolt Trimble arrived during the week, and after 48 hours for the self survey and to calibrate the internal PID loops its delivering a nice level of performance, the only disagreement with my HP 5335 Counter is
  • “Indoor” GPS Antenna Amplifier. -   I bought one of these GPS Antenna kits in March ’15. They are powered by USB (5V) and seem to come with around 5m antenna leads. Brian VK2NQ had one that he used at the club a few times
  • Antarctic Activation to commemorate ANZAC - This very special activation of the ANZAC callsign is expected to happen over this weekend. There will be a level of uncertainty in being able to operate mostly due to the Antarctic weather. Currently there is a blizzard occurring with

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