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This club, formed in 1919 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, provides those interested in the hobbies of amateur radio and electronics with facilities to meet and enjoy the company of similar individuals.
Regular meetings are held at the well equipped clubhouse in Rose Bay and training is provided for those new to the field. Visitors to our meetings are always welcome. Please explore this site to find out more about us and ways to make contact.

The club is also active on Facebook and Google+

Recent Posts

  • Order the Powerpole Distribution Box kit - Hi Members,   We are about to bulk order the parts. Please Register your interest Here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W9ZFSM5
  • Planetary Society Lightsail has gone quiet, they are now relying on a classic IT bug excuse! - 27 May 2015 The planetary society launched a prototype lightsail last week, and it appears that a known defect may have got to them! The manufacturer advised that they may have a buffer problem about 2 days before they may have
  • Special Project Days - This year we will consider holding special project days where we can get together and demonstrate and use amateur radio. Possibly not at Rose Bay but certainly nearby. Would amateurs like to suggest topics for these “special” project days please?
  • PCBs arrived yesterday (Friday) from China. - PCBs arrived yesterday (Friday) from China. First prototype built and tested. All looks OK. Need to do a bit of tweaking to the sticker for the box. Will put up a picture of the first prototype as soon as I
  • received my sm1000 smart mic today - The sm1000 is an interesting bit of technology implemented as a microphone to bring digital voice to almost any ham receiver.  The microphone implements the codec2 voice codec designed by David Rowe in hardware, replacing the need for a pc
  • What’s in an instance - I’m happy with the performance of the web site on the new AWS Instance.   The initial instance was the ‘t1.micro’ which is the old option from Amazon using para-virtualisation (PVM), unfortunately performance on this instance was terrible as access
  • Web site migrated to new instance - Hi all,   The vk2bv.org web site has been migrated to a new AWS instance to provide better performance as the original instance type simply wasn’t adequately resourced.   The new instance is already proving more capable and performant. If
  • Club Merchandise - A quick post to remind people that there is a variety of club merchandise available on Cafe Press. I’ll add a merchandise page to the web site just as soon as I find a cafe press plugin that actually works,
  • Site Speedup Enabled - The WARS home page should be significantly faster now as I’ve just switched enabled Amazon Cloudfront for all media files, this provides a very fast front end cache (aka CDN – Content Distribution Network) taking the load off the (small)
  • The new web site is now Live - The updated club website (http://www.vb2kv.org) is now live. The DNS updates may take up to 24 hours to propagate for all users.

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