Radio Configuration Files

These radio configuration files are generated by one of our members based on the repeater lists on the WIA website.   Access to these files is restricted to members of the club only, and are use at your own risk.

Configuration Files







ID-51A-Anniversary and Plus


ID-5100 1.2


DMR MD 380

Automated generation of motorola files has been removed, the tools are going away at the moment Sep 2017.

Chirp Test


  • This file is a test of chirp it contains D-Star entries, you can cut these out in chirp by setting memories to 700 and sorting on URCALL.

    Automated generation of these configuration files involves gathering data from several sources. 3 main files are used to develop the specific files for different models.
    Source Files

  • vkrep.csv – This file contains call sign, output frequency, geographic information including bearing and distance from Sydney.
  • vkrepdir.csv – This file contains information from vkrep.csv and the expansion of many other fields. Different systems seem to want information such as Offset and Tone in different formats. Some derive the input frequency from output and offset and some need specific entry.
  • vkrepstd.csv – This file contains several customised entries such as APRS, Wicen simplex and other test entries like DHAP’s.

     ** NEW ** DMR contact file

  • contacts.csv – DMR extract of VK and NZ contacts generated with the config files monthly.

    If you have recommendations for more simplex entries or other items please send them to vk2psf at arrl dot net.

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