1002/2 external

Eddystone 1002/2 Broadcast Receiver

General Notes

Unlike the 1001, the 1002 is not a full communications receiver but is more an amenities receiver. It covers 150 - 350 khz, 550 khz to 30 mhz and the FM broadcast band. The set is mains powered and unlike other 1002 variants the 1002/2 has no nicad batteries or telescopic antenna. In addition there is no FM stereo decoder and an antenna relay is fitted to open on very strong signals. This relay, intended to protect against signals from a ship's own H/F transmitters, was making poor contact on my set, so I have bypassed it. I have replaced all the knobs as the centre discs were missing as well as one skirt. To remove the knobs, first prise out the centre disc and then for the smaller knobs you really need a 5/16in thin walled box spanner or a ground down socket spanner to undo the locking nut, although a pair of thin nosed pliers may work.

This particular set had been used by the Royal Australian Navy and has a service plate, which can be seen in the photo, as well as the Eddystone one. When obtained it was wired for 120v since it must have been used on a US built ship, but has now been changed to 240v. The set is fairly small and light, measuring 33 x 14 x 28 cms overall and weighing in at 8.2 kg.

This set is uncommon in both the US and Australia and manuals are hard to come by.


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