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Jamboree of The Air at VK2BV-Sat 17th Oct

JOTA2015On Saturday the 17th October, 2015 the Cubs and Joeys of the Eastern Suburbs will be holding their Jamboree of the Air Event at the Rose Bay Scout Hall.

We Radio Amateurs will be pleased to assist them to communicate via HF, Echolink, IRLP, VHF & UHF Repeaters and D-star.

If any Radio Amateurs can offer their assistance between 4pm to 10 pm (or 11, 12 …)  please contact so we can plan your involvement.






Electromagnetic Radiation Presentation & Calculator

A liveelectromagneticfigure2ly discussion followed Roger (VK2ZRH) Harrison’s presentation on the  EMR mitigation obligations of Licensed Radio Amateurs. He also suggested checking your station’s compliance with VK3UM’s excellent calculator:-

Thanks Roger, for the very informative and interesting presentation.